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European Union Entrepreneurial programme for SME's : COSME

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COSME to facilitate the growth of start-ups, VSE's and SME's

One of Cosme's main objectives is to provide SMEs with improved access to financing in the different phases of their life cycle: creation, expansion or transfer of business. Cosme mobilizes loans and capital investments through two tools: the 'loan guarantee' facility and the 'venture capital for growth' facility.

The first program provides guarantees to financial institutions (guarantee companies, banks, leasing institutions). By sharing the risk, Cosme guarantees allow financial intermediaries to expand the range of SMEs they can finance. The second tool provides capital for funds that invest in SMEs, mainly at the growth stage. Cosme also offers the Socama program dedicated to business creators. It offers the possibility to acquire equipment, a vehicle, to do works of development or enlargement. Its amount can reach 30 0000 euros. The repayment period is between 18 and 60 months. A deferred payment is possible up to six months. Cosme also finances the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Its mission is to help SMEs find the social and technological partners, understand the legislation and access EU funding.

The project was created for small and medium-sized businesses regardless of whether they are start-ups or older companies. The financing is done taking into account phases of growth such as expansion or transfer of business.
Thanks to EU support, entrepreneurs have access to guarantees, loans, and even renewed capital. The "financial instruments" are managed from local associations in each country.  

Goal of COSME
Cosme also aims to help companies to enter foreign markets and to understand the laws that operate relative to each country. The program tells you how to protect the intellectual property of each company and the information on how to do business in Europe.

COSME supports entrepreneurs by giving education, mentoring, and other services that support entrepreneurship. It assistances specific groups and help them reach their potential: such as young people, women and senior entrepreneurs. The program also intent to help businesses be more comfortable with the online world. COSME aims to reduce the administrative and regulatory burden on SMEs, creating a favorable environment and streamlining processes within companies. COSME also encourages companies to be competitive by encouraging them to adopt new business models and innovative practices within their business area.

 How can enjoy the financial help from Cosme? The easy way to you to understand what you need to apply Cosme help is to access the finance portal. If you need more information or if you are a financial intermediary you can find out more information on Cosme’s financial tools:

COSME Loan Guarantee Facility  - COSME Loan Facility

COSME Equity Facility for Growth - COSME Equity Facility

cosme funding

The Communication An action plan to improve access to finance for SMEs recognises that Europe’s economic success depends largely on the growth of SMEs but that difficulty in accessing finance is the main obstacle to their growth.
The 2014-2020 programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (COSME) will make it easier for SMEs to access loans and equity finance.
The 2007-2013 Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP) financial instruments helped SMEs raise equity and debt financing.
COSME financial instruments will operate in conjunction with those of the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation: InnovFin – EU Finance for Innovators
The SME Instrument of the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation offers funding and support for innovation projects that help SMEs grow and expand their activities into other countries.

cosme project

European Union Entrepreneurship project: COSME
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