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Entrepreneurial Courses

Entrepreneurship degrees should deal with studying the tools needed to take up a start-up, project, business idea or concept. Entrepreneurship courses and degrees should also offer the resources to turn it into reality and make that idea a viable project or service whether it be commercially or social. Focusing on new business models, entrepreneurs ensure and manage innovations and often at times take risks in accomplishing their project or business plan.

Entrepreneurship can be defined as a subject that is business related where leaders in organizations, or of projects,  are not afraid to take risks, tackle innovative solutions in order to boost their business or project performance and ensure the highest results. Entrepreneurship concentrates on opportunities, exploitation, business, or project, plan development and control, start-up's, start-up establishment, management, team-building, market strategies, human resource management, leadership, innovation, intellectual property, economy, networking, market research and more.

 Below are details of some courses we found during the time we have putting this website together. Also you will find more information about
Entrepreneurship Learning

Entrepreneurship Degrees

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Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing, M.Sc.  Has a May 2018 Application Deadline and a  15 months Duration fees start from €15 000 Tuition (Semester)  Langage used for the course is English  You can read more at Grenoble Ecole de Management  Grenoble, France This program brings together the expertise of two leading Business Schools: Grenoble Ecole de Management for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship and Hong Kong Baptist University, School of Business for Global Marketing.

International Business and Enterprise, M.Sc.  Has a Dec 2017 Application Deadline and a 12 months Duration, the fees are from  €9 000 Tuition (Year)  and the course is in the English Language IPAG Business School  Nice, France This Master of Science programme in International Business and Enterprise from IPAG Business School offers students the opportunity to gain a general qualification in international business while understanding the long-term, underlying processes of global economic change, and the implications this has on modern business practices in small and large companies.
Entrepreneurial Courses
  Cultural Entrepreneurship and Tourism program  is offered by IESA - School of Arts and Culture offers a has as no application deadline and a 12 months Duration costs €12 500 Tuition (Year) and the courses are in English Language IESA - School of Arts and Culture  Paris, France The goal of this Cultural Entrepreneurship and Tourism program at IESA - School of Arts and Culture is to train students to manage, develop, and promote the tourism industry in particular regions and cultural sites.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship, offers a Masters degree with a start date of June there was no application deadline when we looked. The 12 months duration will cost €17 500 Tuition for the Full programme which is in English, French Language   ESCP Europe Business School  Paris, France After completing the Specialised Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESCP Europe Business School, participants have an indepth perspective that allows them to design, build and oversee development projects in their careers.

Research on entrepreneurial Courses and degrees which are available is ongoing and updates will be made so please re-visit from time to time as new courses are added. We shall also be adding a new web page dedicated just to the websites and their links of such Entrepreneurial education orgainsations.

A little disclaimer here as we are not reccommending these courses we are just showing you what we have found it is for you to decide what is best, we will be giving our advice in phase II of Yerrf.

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