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Marketing continues to be one of the best tools for business. The advantages associated with using email are so many. From the free character, to the fact that an email is required for any online subscription, it is easy to understand the importance of the email, in terms of personal use and in regard to the commercial plan too.
It is proven that Email Marketing today is one of the best tools for establishing relationship, delivering content and consequently selling your service or product.
So, to avoid wasting your time and use the full potential of email marketing, it is important to respect some good practices.

Never buy mailing lists
There are several reasons why the use of mailing lists should be abolished by entrepreneurs who wish to have email marketing as an ally of their business: People need to authorize the sending of the email in some way. All unauthorized sending is spam.
In order to achieve your goal, your email bank must be formed by addresses of people who know and are interested in your business. Having a "dirty" basis results in very small chances of return. Sending emails randomly can compromise your company's notoriety too.

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Use your own instrument to send emails
In emailing strategy, the proper tools are affordable and are essential for the success of any action, in addition are essential to the format of your content, they give a professional look and transmit more credibility to the receivers.
There are many tools on the market. Some even offer free packages with limits (number of emails) that serves most of the small businesses that are starting. MailChimp, for example, provides a completely free plan when you can have 2,000 registered emails and make up to 12,000 emails per month. Already the similar plan of the Benchmark contemplates the same 2,000 registered contacts.

Be aware of frequence and relevance
There is no rule for the amount of messages that can be sent, but common sense suggests one every 15 days or, if there is need and relevance, one per week. One effective way to reduce the number of messages that arrive to your audience's inboxes is to do segmentation, increase accuracy, and create relevant emails for the recipients. This segmentation can be done, for example, considering the interest, the size of the company, the products acquired etc.

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Avoid spam characteristics in your message
In general, before being delivered to recipients inboxes, the emails are verified by the providers and pass through anti-spam filters. In them, there are aspects that characterize the message as spam, for example: texts written in red colour; excessive use of terms such as credit; promotion; etc.

Look out of images
Because it is a powerful visual resource, using images in a reasonably way. Give preference to the use your own images or good stock images (free or purchased). It is also important to note that are some technical aspects. In fact, sending them in jpg or png formats, for example, can cause them to be blocked by the email service, reducing the efficiency of sending. Also, they should not be weighed.

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Be attractive
Every day, tons of emails reach your customer’s inboxes. Therefore, highlight yourself from the beginning is critical to increasing your opening rate, otherwise, the probability of your email being opened is nearly zero.

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