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Entrepreneurial Education

One of the major part of the project in phase II of The Yerrf project is to answer questions about entrepreneurial education.
The following lessons or objectives have been identified: learn to understand entrepreneurship;  learn to become entrepreneurial; &  learn to become an entrepreneur. There are many questions which have to be answered in order to put in place lesson plans and a solid subject about entrepreneurship, here are just a few, Why would you want to be an entrepreneur?
Is there an entrepreneurship major? What is the definition of a entrepreneurial training program or course?
What are the common traits of an entrepreneur? Why is there a need for entrepreneurship?
What is the meaning of entrepreneurship education?

Entrepreneurship education
 seeks to provide students with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings. Variations of entrepreneurship education should be offered at all levels of schooling from primary or secondary schools and all the way through graduate University programs. Given agreement about entrepreneurial learning and understanding of the essence of entrepreneurship, and the belief that it is possible, at least to some extent, to teach students to become entrepreneurial in their way of thinking, the next step is to recognise the opportunities that the training or education opens up and the aims that might be achieved through relevant education.
From the questions above the following objectives have been identified:
learn to understand entrepreneurship;
learn to become entrepreneurial and learn to become an entrepreneur.

In preperation for Phase II of the YERRF Project we have started our research on the subject and the following pages have been placed upon the internet but they are not the finished article and more work is needed. So interested in learning about entrpreneurial education then come along and help as a volunteer, you can read how at Volunteers Wanted
Entrepreneurs Courses
training entrepreneurs
Training courses for entrepreneurs, what could be done for those that have finished their formal education? what courses are available if any read what we have found to date visit our page Entrepreneurial Courses
Entrepreneurs Scholarships

entrpreneurial scholarships

What scholarships are available for our young entrepreneurs? again we have started our research into what exists and this will be part of the second phase of this project for now you can read what we have found to date at Scholarships for entrepreneurs
Learning Entrepreneurship
learning entrepreneurship

Why is learning entrepreneurship so important and why for so long was it not reconized as a skill or talent and also that it could be taught to others. If you were a gifted musical intrument player then the present education system may well spot your talent or gift and encourage you and maybe even help you to advance with your gifted talent starting with the school orchestra or going on to play for the county and even national orchestra. Within each of the stages of the afore mentioned orchestras there will be those players which were not as gifted but were actually taught how to play their intrument so with this in mind what about entrepreneurship? read more Learning entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs Schools and Universities

universities for entrepreneurs
Which universities offer degrees in entrpreneurship?, if they exist, which schools have added the subject entrepreneurship to their curriculum? Entrepreneurship is a skill or a talent and for sure there are some that are naturally gifted but what about those that with teaching and training would also benefit from taking a Entrepreneurs subject, read what we have found to date, Entrepreneurial Universities & Schools
Entrepreneurial Education
Entrepreneurship Workshop
Social or Commercial
"Which are you?"
Marketing Workshop
"Like it - follow it - add it,
Now learn to use It"
Websites designed to be found
Financial Workshop
"Accounting for your actions"
and how to figure it out yourself
Business Language Workshop
"Let's talk business"
Learning English to French to English
EVS & European Entrepreneurs
International Entrepreneurial Organisations
Governmental Bodies & Entrepreneurship
Registering your Enterprise or association
Social Media
Website Creation & Hosting
Blogging creation
Grants Funding Aid
Universities with Entrepreneurship Learning & Courses
Entrepreneurial Scholarships
Learning Entrepreneurship
Business Language for Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs Project News
YERRF Entrepreneurs Project
Yerrf Projet in French
Yerrf french

Start-Up Tools for Entrepreneurs
Articles on Entrepreneurship

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