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 BPI France - Bank Public Of Investment

Les dispositifs BPI France (Banque Publique d’Investissement)

The BPI France (Public Investment Bank) The BPI is an organization that is under the supervision of the State. She accompanies you in financing and development aids. It offers bonding and guarantee solutions to convince your bank to follow you in your projects.

Creation guarantee: This guarantee comes in addition to a bank loan. This is guaranteed for 60% for a creation if you do not control another company (50% if it is not the case or if you take a goodwill).

BPI France Bank

BPI France: Investment Bank

BPI FRANCE is a public finance agency for startups and innovative enterprises in France which gets involves at multiple levels and at different stages of their development. Specifically regarding the financing of innovative startups, BPIFrance intervenes with multiple tools, the main of which are:

Bourse French Tech: Grant up to 45. 000€ to help entrepreneurs starting up their projects validate the credibility of their business idea. Allows one to secure up to 70% of the necessary financing. A very useful helping hand for all entrepreneurs launching innovative projects (not necessarily those associated with technology) to validate the business opportunity and its credibility.

ILAB: Grant with sum of up to 450.000€ to help technology-based startups to finance their chance of technically working in reality. ILAB is an annual contest targeting projects of a high technical level. One can enter the competition between January and February and the results take place in June. It provides substantial financing which can enable leverage of your own funds.

Aide à l’innovation: It is a repayable advance, or a zero-interest loan, which helps startups in the financing process to create a feasible realization of their innovation. BPIFrance can grant financial aids towards innovation of tens to hundreds of thousands of euros, in accordance to the projects (their financial needs, degree of innovation, potential, and level of own funds. This is an essential aid to finance the start of a young innovative business.

Prêt d'amorçage: Startup loan: Loan of 50-300k over 8 years with 3 years of delay, to help innovative startups in the process of raising their own funds to pursue their development. The sum of the startup loan is limited to the business’ own funds and targeted at startups having already had financial support from BPIFrance. A very interesting tool for helping startups to pursue their Research & Development and commercial efforts, in parallel to a process of raising funds which can take some time and requires a certain degree of development to persuade investors.
Prêt d'amorçage investissement: Loan of 100-500k over 8 years with 3 years of delay, to complete the financing plans of startups having raised their own funds from investors. The sum of the loan is limited to 50% of the funds the entrepreneurs have raised. This is absolutely necessary funding to complete the raising of funds in the startup phase.

Garantie bancaire: BPIFrance can equally guarantee up to 60% of bank loans of startups contracted from private banks. This is a truly reassuring tool for the entrepreneur, to avoid not only being answerable in one’s own name, meanwhile serving to reassure the bank at a stage where the project is still very risky.
Investissement en capital: BPI equally gets involves in the personal funding of innovative enterprises, mainly in ‘funds of funds’, that is to say, indirect investment via the funds of other startup investments. BPI can equally invest directly, but at stages of more advanced development and/or in particularly strategic sectors.

HUB startups: To make note of in equal regard, although not being of funding to strictly speak, BPIFrance proposes a programme of acceleration dedicated to startups in strong growth with its HUB startups. It covers: networking, organizations of events and activities, putting entrepreneurs in relation to larger groups, helping with the raising of funds.

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