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Financial aide NACRE for Entrepreneurs

Le parcours NACRE

NACRE - Nouvel Accompagnement pour la Création et la Reprise d'Entreprises - This device is set up to help the creators or buyers of a company by accompanying them for up to 3 years in setting up their project, in the financial structuring and start of the activity. However, you must have a clear idea of your project.

funding nacre aide

This device is set up to help the creators or buyers of a company by accompanying them for up to 3 years in setting up their entrepreneurial  project, in the financial structuring and start of the project. However, you must have a clear idea of ​​your project.

You are eligible for the device if you are:
Jobseeker who is the beneficiary of the unemployment insurance allowance (AER) or the special reclassification allowance (RSA) or the RSA or the specific solidarity allowance (SSA) or the temporary waiting allowance (ATA).
Uncompensated jobseeker who has been on the jobseeker list for more than 6 months during the last 18 months.
Aged 18 to 25 years old included.
Under 30 years old and you are recognized as disabled or not covered by unemployment insurance.
Older than 50 years old on the list of jobseekers.
Employed or dismissed from a company in receivership or liquidation.
Creator in a Sensitive Urban Area (ZUS).
Beneficiaries of the complementary free choice of activity.

Your rights :
Assistance in editing your project.
This allows you to technically finalize your project and present it to third parties.
It allows to study the conditions of implementation of your project and to anticipate the difficulties.
Financial structuring assistance.
It makes it possible to check the economic relevance of your project and to elaborate the financing plan.
Support is provided in financing research with banks.
You can get a zero interest loan from € 1,000 to € 8,000 over 5 years maximum. This must be coupled with a supplementary loan, the amount and duration of which must be greater than or equal to the zero-rate loan.
Accompanying the start-up and development of the company
You can access technical support at any time to answer questions related to the start up and development of your business.
This support makes it possible to anticipate your possible financial difficulties and to support you in your development.

When and how to apply for NACRE:
You can enter the system at any of the 3 stages (project setup, financial structuring assistance, startup support and development) by contacting qualified operators for each region and mandated by the State.
I invite you to contact the DIRECCTE to have the exhaustive list related to the reform of the regions.
The organization can refuse you support by motivating it (no particular difficulties to find a job, lack of resources, lack of consistency of the project ...). You can appeal to the Regional Prefect.
In case of acceptance of the support, you will sign a contract with the reference organization.


funding nacre aide
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