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Entrepreneur - PAT

The Land Planning premium (PAT) for industry and services - Prime d'aménagement du territoire (PAT) - Industrie et services

This device is to grant you direct assistance if you are setting up your business in a regional zone or in SME investment zones.
This list is very exhaustive both in terms of the places or activities concerned; 
You can benefit from the device if:
You make tangible or intangible investments for your company at the time of its creation concerning the activities concerned in the zones defined by the law (see above). 
Your entreprise makes the creation of 20 permanent jobs (number of CDIs calculated over a period of 2 years) and the realization of at least 3M € of investments (Return of VAT) within the scope.
Please be aware that for the land and buildings you are renting, eligibility for the PAT is only valid if the lease continues for at least 3 years after the investment project if you hold an SME, this amounts to 5 years for a large company.
In addition, for equipment and machines for which you have contracted a lease contract, you must provide for the acquisition of the property at the end of the contract so that you can benefit from the device.
If the conditions are met:
• You will receive a maximum bonus of € 15,000 for each job created, provided that you follow the program within 3 years (SME) or 5 years (Large Business). 
• You will receive a first installment at the start of the program for a maximum of 40%. Then the balance is paid to you on one or two occasions on the basis of proof and according to the realization of the program.
To obtain the PAT, you must take the following steps:
A request for a file with the CIALA - Commission interministérielle des aides à la localisation des activités

Once the file has been completed, you send it back to CIALA, for study in committee. A period of at least 6 weeks must be respected in order for the instruction to be carried out effectively.
The application is processed by 3 circuits and the conclusions of the 3 experts are consolidated by the Commission, which issues an opinion to the Minister concerned. The decision is returned to you and if it is positive, you will sign an agreement with the State.

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