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Entrepreneurs Aide Finance ZRD Zone

The Zone for Restructuring a former Defense area - (ZRD)   Tax breaks for creations in ZRD (Zone of Restructuring of the Defense):and the Contract for the Revitalization of former Defense Sites (CRSD) A budget of 3.5 million euros is available to subsidize business creation, development or existing company diversification projects and to promote the establishment of new companies in the Châlons-en-Champagne greater metropolitan area. What is the content of this measure?

The measure provides:

• Aid to the creation of jobs under a full-time permanent employment contract (excluding transfers), to the safeguarding of jobs, in particular conditions: business takeover, investments to safeguard the viability of a company,

• Aid to investment,

• Aid to consultancy and training A selection committee determines project eligibility and sets the amount of aid granted to the company.

 • For job creation, the maximum amount allocated is €10,000 per full-time permanent employment contract signed for a minimum of 3 years.

 • For job safeguarding, the maximum amount allocated is €5,000 per full-time permanent employment contract. The aid must comply with the maximum rates of assistance specified by applicable domestic and Community regulations. Perimeter of eligible companies This measure applies to companies established in the Châlonsen-Champagne greater metropolitan area.

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You can find the list of zones concerned under the website of the CGET or by following the same protocol as that explained for the PAT in particular.  You can benefit from the system:  If you set up your sole proprietorship or your company in a ZRD. Whatever your tax regime. If you have an activity located in the ZRD. If you have a sedentary employee located in the ZRD. If you realize at least 25% of your HVAC from customers located in ZRD. If the conditions are met, you will benefit from: 
• An exemption of 100% of the eligible profit for 5 years from the beginning of the activity. 
• An exemption of 2/3 in the first year following the period of total exemption. 
• An exemption of 1/3 the second year following the period of total exemption. 

The total amount of aid granted may not exceed EUR 200 000 over a period of three tax years (de minimis rule).
Attention, it is possible that if you are eligible for the ZRD you are also eligible for another device; if that is the case, you have 6 months after the date of your creation to choose between these measures which are not cumulative. 
I advise you, if you have the possibility, to have you assisted beforehand by a professional, because the choice is irrevocable. 
Beware, for example, because this provision is not valid if your company is eligible for the AFR because you can claim a cumulation of applicable aids and an appropriate exemption scale.
You do not have any preliminary steps to make, even if I advise you to question the tax administration to verify with certainty that you are eligible. Without return of their share 3 months after the request, the request is considered validated. 
Your income tax return must be accompanied by a document provided by the tax authorities to justify the scope of your application for exemption. 

You can read more info at www.afecreation.fr

You can also benefit from: 
Exemption from CFE for 5 years on deliberation of local authorities.
Exoneration of Tax Foncière on the elements built during 5 years on deliberation of the local authorities. 
Exemption from employers' social security contributions (sickness-maternity, disability-death and old-age, family allowances, transport payments, FNAL) for 5 years from the date of creation. 
The latter is total for the fraction of remuneration not exceeding 1.4 times the SMIC, it is decreasing from 1.4 times to 2.4 times the SMIC, and zero above 2.4 times the SMIC. 
While the exemption is 100% for the first 3 years, it is 2/3 the following year and then reduced to 1/3.
This exemption is not cumulative with other such aid for employment. In order to benefit from the CFE and property tax exemption, you must apply to the tax department for which you 
apply: Apply for CFE exemption before 31 December of the year of creation. 
Apply to the Tax Department by completing a special declaration with the location of the buildings before 1 January of the first year of application. 
To benefit from the exemption of employers' social security contributions, you can apply to the URSAFF for which you are attached.
If the decision renders you favorable, it takes effect the year after the creation. 
Each year you will be required to provide evidence of your claim for exemption. 
In addition to the first conditions mentioned above: 
You have fewer than 11 employees whose business is in ZRD (this limit is prohibited between 2016 and 2018) 
You realize a HVAC or a balance sheet total of less than 2M € 
You exercise one commercial or artisanal activity. 
You can also benefit from a tax credit of 750 euros per employee employed for more than 1 year for 3 years. 
This one is imputed on the CFE. If it is greater than this, the excess is refunded to your company. 
The total amount of aid granted may not exceed EUR 200 000 over a period of three tax years (de minimis rule). 
In order to claim and retain this tax credit each year, you must indicate in the CFE declaration the number of employees affected by the scheme. 

To request a subsidy, contact the CRSD bureau (see Contact section) or the consular chambers (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Châlonsen-Champagne, Chamber of Trades of the Marne) to obtain the subsidy request package. The company making the request fills out the documents contained in the package. It can obtain the assistance of the CRSD bureau or consular chambers to do so and request a meeting at the CRSD office (Monday morning by appointment) to meet all the concerned players at once. Once the completed subsidy request package is submitted to the CRSD bureau, the subsidy can be granted within at most two months.

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