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 Projet YERRF - Jeunes Entrepreneurs  Rajeunissent la France Rurale

Pour fournir tout ce qu’un entrepreneur nécessite pour commencer son
voyage dans l’entrepreneuriat
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PRESS RELEASE - What is The project YERRF?

YERRF is the acronym for the project titled " Young Entrepreneurs Rejuvenate Rural France " which is an Erasmus+ project being jointly funded by the European Commision and the Association Les Amis De La Giraudière. The objective is to encourage young people to learn entrepreneurship and to see that entrepreneurship is a potential career option. The YERRF project is being created by a group of international volunteers and will aim to provide well informed, impartial advice together with a different outlook which will add some concrete foundations upon which our young entrepreneurs can build their individual projects.
The volunteers will put in place 4 principle workshops headed as follows, Entrepreneurial Workshop, Marketing Workshop, Financial Workshop and  a business language workshop each of which will provide comprehensive information on their relative subjects and some tangible resources for our young start-up's.
Five Erasmus partners, or sending organisations, were searched and over 150 applied to partner us from which the following organisations were selected to be the partners along this entrepreneurial route.

YASAR University - Izmir, Turkey
EURO SUD - Triggiano, Italy
CHECK-IN  - Lisbon, Portugal

Read more about YERRF Project European Partners

Each of the partners were asked to send a volunteer to participate in the mobility 4 of which found and selected volunteers. Apart from the Erasmus volunteers, or EVS volunteers, we have also had over 300 candidates from around the globe apply to be a volunteer, (non Erasmus ie an LGV volunteer). From this 30 have been selected and by the end of the 1st cycle volunteers from 6 continents would have been represented.The first step is a call for partners worldwide who would like to contribute either help, discounts, resources, learning & other materials which would help our potential entrepreneurs. For this to happen the volunteers will pass their first month researching for and writing letters to possible global partners.
We will also be looking for either free or reduced fees of services and products from banks and financial organisations. Similar from Accountants, Marketing companies, Website creation & business software providers, Website hosting services and other organisations that may be able help. We will seek Grants & help from government organisations and bodies. The international, national and local press and media will be contacted in the hope that an articles is published to make people aware of this project. A fundamental part of our research we will be looking for Expos, fairs, local markets and open days so that YERRF can go mobile which brings us to the third step where YERRF will meet and speak with young people interested in the subject of Entrepreneurship so that we can find out their needs, fears and aspirations. Following the results of our questionnaires, surveys and face to face meetings we may have to go back over our first step and look for more to offer or improve what we have for our Young Entrepreneurs here.
What’s next will be open doors at La Giraudiere with invitations to all Young Entrepreneurs who need help to kick start their projects. Local schools, colleges, universities and government bodies such as pole emploi, mission locale etc will also be invited to come along to our workshops.

The time cycle for the project is as follows,

 Project Timetable -1st stage of the project 2016/2017

Launch of the call for European partners and participants December 2016
Selection of Partners and participants January / February 2017
Preparation March / April 2017
European volunteers start to arrive - Mobility June 2017 -October 2017

Project Timetable - 2nd Stage of the project 2017/2018

This will be presented to 3rd call on the 2nd October , 2017.
Launch of a further call for partners and participants for 2018 - 1st September 2017
Selection of Partners and participants September 2018
Preparation February / March 2018
Mobility starts April 2018 - October 2018

Also Planned for 2018 is the application for our association to become a Erasmus Host Entrepreneur you can read more info about this enterprising programe at Erasmus Guide for New Entrepreneurs


In the later part of 2018 and the start of 2019 YERRF plans to go Spain and set up the workshops so you will be able to visit YERRF winter camp in the Andulasia community of Spain - more info later.


This press release and, or, letters explaining the Yerrf project have been sent to the following newspapers and magazines


Les Echos Business
Le Figaro
Le Monde
Le Parisien
France Soir
LA Tribune
20 Minutes
Direct Matin
Le Journal du Dimanche
Le Monde Diplomatique
The Connexion
International New York Times
Charente Libre
Courrier International
La Nouvelle République
Centre Presse
Le Dauphiné Liberé
Ouest France
7 à Poitiers
Le Petit économist
Journal des professionnels
Le journal du Sud-Vienne
CNEWS Matin Bordeaux7
RUE79 Bordeaux
La République des Pyrénées
La Dépeche du Midi
Le Républicain Lot et Garonne
Courrier de Gironde
Dordogne Libre
La Montagne
Le Populaire du Centre
La Charente Maritime
Le Littoral
The New Observer

Alternatives Economiques
Le Nouvel Economiste
Le Point
Particulier et Finances Editions
Magazine 64


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