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European Funding for Entrepreneurs

Le Plan Juncker to launch investments

Since September 2015, the Juncker plan aims to relaunch the industry in Europe. Its objective is to mobilize 315 billion € of investments from 2015 to 2018 via the European Strategic Investment Fund (ESIF) to offset the EU's investment gap. The ESIF allows the European Investment Bank (EIB) to invest in projects with a risk profile that is higher than usual.

What projects are funded? Infrastructure development, research and development and innovation, investment in education and training, health, information and communication technologies, and the development of the energy sector . To benefit from it, it is possible to pass by Bpifrance.

On June 1, 2016, the Juncker program launched the European Investment Projects Portal (EIPP). It is an online platform that connects project promoters and European investors, whether they come from the EU or elsewhere. The portal aims to increase the visibility of projects open to investments throughout Europe.

Un Fonds Pour l’economie sociale
Are you involved in fair trade or the renewable energy sector? The program for employment and social innovation (EaSI) launched in 2015 includes improving access to finance for social enterprises. Under this program, social entrepreneurs can benefit from loans at a reduced interest rate, without providing guarantees. The objectives are to strengthen the capacity of microfinance institutions and to support the development of social enterprises, in particular by facilitating their access to finance. EASI is managed directly by the European Commission.

H2020 to support innovation
As part of the Horizon 2020 initiative, the new European research program for 2014-2020 launched three years ago a new generation of financial instruments and advisory services that should facilitate the access to credit for innovative enterprises. "InnovFin - European Financial Support for Innovators" products operate in several forms, depending on the type of project and the target of enterprises, and can provide financial support to SMEs and mid-sized enterprises. This component is based on guarantees and counter-guarantees covering borrowings from 25,000 to 7.5 million euros and facilitating access to financing for innovative SMEs. Implementation is carried out by financial intermediaries (Adie, Bpifrance, etc.) who will thus benefit from EIF guarantees or counter-guarantees covering part of their potential financial losses.
H2020 also includes the SME Instrument. The latter is intended for all types of innovative SMEs with a strong ambition to develop, grow and internationalize. The SME instrument may give an initial grant up to 50 000 €.
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