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Entrepreneurship Learning

Entrepreneurship Learning and  Education:  should it be a school subject?  Can you learn how to be an Entrepreneur?

At Project YERRF we believe that the skills and talents required to be a successful Entrepreneur can be learnt. Whilst there will always be the naturally-gifted and those that are born with a “business know-how”, there are thousands of other successful entrepreneurs who have learnt all they need to succeed through hard work and are driven to learn.
Project YERFF supports the idea that Entrepreneurship learning should be a part of the education system within our schools and Universities. The curriculum content would be beneficial to all learners as the skills and knowledge learnt are needed across all jobs and areas of life. Entrepreneurship Education needs to be supported locally, regionally, nationally and globally as this will lead to more success for school leavers, greater employment opportunities, and can help rejuvenate both urban and rural areas.

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The European Commission is well ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the importance of Entrepreneurship Education, as
outlined in the “The Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan”  you can read further info at the following


and in French at

“Rethinking Education and the United Kingdom” is another European initiative about learning Entrepreneurship, read more at


Project YERRF believes that to be a true Entrepreneur one needs to develop a certain mindset; a way of thinking, acting and living that is based on entrepreneurial skills and knowledge: With this in mind, entrepreneurship doesn’t have to involve starting your own business. Great employees can be recognised as entrepreneurs within their organisations as they display the characteristics particular to entrepreneurs. Some of these characteristics are vision, resilience, initiative, leadership skills, problem-solving, goal-setting and decision-making skills, to name a few.
In summary, the YERRF Project aims to assist you to gain the skills and knowledge needed for you to fulfil your dream, vision or idea and create a successful life for yourself and, or, others.

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The UK starts to see that entrepreneurship learning should become part of the curriculum, The National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education - NCEE supports higher education to build its entrepreneurial future. Working with universities, its senior leadership and practitioners we provide a range of services ensuring UK higher education remains at the forefront of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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Learning entrepreneurship
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Young Entrepreneurs Rejuvenate Rural France - an Entrepreneurs Learning Project managed by the association  Les Amis De La Giraudière and jointly funded by The European Commission