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Entrepreneurs - Registering your Entreprise or Project

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Creating and registering your project or business can be difficult, but here we give you a list of the order in which you should use to create your idea, your project or your entreprise.

The first and the most important

Step 1 : The Idea - Make sure your registration name reflects your idea, spend some time making sure you have a name that is like a brand for your idea before you register.

Step 2: is you, yes you are the project do a study about you, your qualities, your achievements to date etc a little like a financial and entrepreneurial CV just about you.

Step 3: Now look at your idea, your proposed name and study what is out there, who does the same as you propose and how can you better it, look at the competition and their names, is it too timular to what you propose? Ask your friends and familly for their ideas etc get their input, doing this study may change Step 1 if not 2.

Step 4 : Marketing study - research.  Do solme market research ask everyone you know friends and family prepare a questionaire so it is easy to remeber the questions and register the answers maybe an online form or your social media.

Step 5 : Is to prepare your business plan your forecast financial to see what you need and when you will need it so in step 2 you know what you have to hand and if you did your marketing study correctly then you know what demand their maybe so lets prepare the forecasts financial.

Step 6 : Presuming the results of step 5 was that you need finance then the next step is to see how you can raise finance, do you need to sell the car? maybe you have savings? if not you need to raise some finance maybe the bank or a rich uncle whichever you need to include this in your plans and have it in place. Prior to passing round the bowl to collect your finance have a look what help is available check out Grants and Aids prior to your visit to see Uncle sam or the banks.

Step 7 : Aid and Grants for startups and entrepreneurs are so helpfull and you should research what is out their prior to going to see the bank or your rich uncle. Two reasons the first you may not need as much as you were thinking and the secound it proves to the babnk or your uncle that you did your research properly.


Step 8 : So now you have tested the water, you have your idea, your proposed name, you have done your marketing survey, the monies are in place, so now you arrive at Choosing your legal status, which type of enterprise, ie Sarl or Auto entrepreneur etc. If you visited the bank for finance and they agreed to help ask them what, if any, differences it will make by what you register. Once you know the correct solution for you then you arrive at registering your project.

 Step 9 : Create and register your project or business. Once in place you can finalise the finance with your bank or Uncle and finalise the aid or grant applications.

Step 10: You are now a legal entity so Install the company or project

Final step which everyone forgets to think of until when it arrives : This is where you analyse the 1st months activity of your business or project and see all the items you forgot to include and make the adjustments neccessary.

"Good Luck"

For businesses registering with Chambre de Commerce or Chambre de Metiers, the registration process takes about an hour with a person from Centre de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE). You will receive your extrait KBIS within two weeks (official document confirming your business registration)

The agence France entrepreneur has many resources for helping you register and create your project

Agence France Entrepreneurs AFE

Agence France Entrepreneur

Create your ENTREPRISE AVEC CCI BUSINESS BUILDER they have many tools to help you

CCI Business Builder

CCI Aquitaine France
BGE Have for thirty-five years been supporting business / project creation to make it a reality and accessible to all.

BGE pour Startups

BGE Asso France
Register Entreprise Registration


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