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Entrepreneur learn how to use and benefit from Social Media

Social media is so important as a media tool not just for informing the potential visitors about your project but also for informing search engines. Yes search engines crawl the social media websites on a regular basis and by placing posts and info with links to your new project, web page, or post you will find it will be indexed more quickly by search engines providing you have some worth while content and you have done the on page optimization. So although you look for followers to add you, to like you and to follow you the best follower you can achieve is the search engine.

Below you will find a list of the social media used to promote this project YERRF with links to the respective websites. Visit and take time to add or follow or like and see just how we use these very good tools for indexing our content on the world wide web. Social media is so important in your project whether it be for business or social reasons. All the social media tools serves not to just inform people about your project but also to inform search engines that your page, product or event exists and then the world can know also.

Social Media SEO
Search engines crawl the social media websites on a regular basis, far more than your website or blog. The know-how is really an essential step during a creation of new site, blog or project. For example, placing info and links to your new project or post could be a very quickly way for you to be indexed by search engines. Just make sure that you have some worthwhile content and that you have optimized your page or post. Optimization is explained in our page on website content and a link will be found at Marketing Workshops Our marketing workshops will show how to use social media not just for people friendly but also for search engine friendly.

So, although you look for followers to add you or to like you, sometimes the best “friend” you can achieve is the search engine as it is he or she who will bring the visitors to your website or blog. All social media have their own individual quirks and peculiarities. It is well spending time getting to know what works and what is best. Be sure to incorporate the identity of your project or brand so as to show a consistency upon the web.


Below, you will find a list of the social media that we have used to promote the project YERRF with links to their respective websites. Visit and see just how we use these tools for indexing the YERRF project content on the world wide web. Whilst you are there please take time to add us, follow us or like us.

This social network is used by most businesses. Twitter in a company gives us the option of appearing in the market and being able to compete to reach the top positions. This is also an important factor facing Google. Twitter not only does not increase users but decrease compared to last year and stays at 317 million. One of the main problems of this deadlock is the departure of US users, which are very important for Twitter since they are the main attraction for advertisers.

tweet yerrf project

Twitter - https://twitter.com/yerrf_project?lang=en

Easy, funny. Instagram, with 600 million users is in the podium of social networks most used, increased by 200 million. Instagram has also introduced the live videos, in which you can know who is watching and interact with you.

yerrf project collection

Instagram -  https://www.instagram.com/yerrf.project/

Very similar to Instagram offering features somewhat equal increases its users up to 4% more than 1 year ago. Being not very characteristic even for the business world, it obtains many positive points.

gallery of Yerrf Project

Pinterest - https://fr.pinterest.com/lagiraudieref/

Tumblr works like both: a blog and a social network to publish and share images, videos, audios or texts. The content of Tumblr is indexed in search engines so it can increase your Web positioning. Tumblr also offers free and quality blog designs, and is one of the most user-friendly mobile platforms to publish. Tumblr hosts about 65 million blogs, generating about 17 billion page views / month.

yeer tumblr

Tumblr - https://yerrfproject.tumblr.com/

With 90 million active users, VK is a social network VERY similar to Facebook, differentiating it mainly to being Russian. The evolution of VK is similar to that of other international social networks since, for example, in 2016 it incorporated the function of live and story messaging.

Yerrfs VK

VK - https://vk.com/yerrf.project

Odnoklassniki doesn't appear in the ranking of the largest networks in the world by number of users, however because the large number of inhabitants of Russia becomes a key network. It has more than 400 million open accounts; becoming the second great social network in that country. Although it is not a very popular network outside Russia, there are several countries in which its presence is very relevant, such as Armenia, Moldova and Georgia. Since, like VK, its notoriety extends to the ex- Soviet states.

OK Yerrf

UK.ru  -  https://ok.ru/profile/570714893180

The social network of Google has suffered a decrease in this last year, passing to the fifth position of the ranking with 375 million users. Even favoring SEO positioning attracts more users, it is still low.

google plus yerrf project

Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/110873613979406601291

It is a community that covers all the themes that we can imagine.
The relevance of each news is controlled by the votes of the users themselves and therefore it is the community itself that has control of what appears on the cover. Its 250 million users are allowed to do endless things like some other social networks, now an example is upload videos up to 15 minutes directly to the platform and weigh less than 1GB.
With 50,000 unique communities and 250 million unique visitors/month, is packed with potential customers who talk about brands and products.
Its popular communities (subreddits) are divided by topics such as science topics, news, hobbies and inventions from Reddit as the ""Ask Reddit"" format, where the community answers the questions."

reddit yerrf

Reddit -  https://www.reddit.com/user/YERRF-Project/

Digg has been revolutionized since it was repurchased in 2012, from graphic style changes and "space" designs to losing 200 million in stock market for bad actions lol. Many have emigrated from Reddit to replace the social network by Digg, and it is normal since it has many exquisite things that Reddit does not allow.

digg yerrf project

Digg - http://digg.com/u/YERRF_Project

“It is a social bookmarking or social bookmarking created to recommend or disapprove other web pages. You can upload photos, videos, articles, etc.
It has 22,000,000 visits / month (registration 2014). It is a tool used to find pages of interest of one, pages that can not be found using a search engine, but they are pages with high quality and usable content, interesting that can be shared or find similar sites."

stumble upon yerrf project

Stumble  -  Upon -   https://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/yfrance

"It has 1 billion active users where about 6 billion videos are viewed per month. It is the second largest search engine behind Google, making it VERY important for digital marketing.
Audiovisual content is more attractive."

Yerr project on youtube

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLgDEMlJn1bMuPcrHcQTeqw

"Too much like Facebook and Twitter can be a great opportunity to socialize globally to China with this social network.
Known as ""Chinese Twitter"" has 400 million users.
You can register as a foreign company but if you do not have a LOGO you are not allowed to access the account already created."

  yerrfs project weiboo

Weibo China number one media  - http://www.weibo.com/

Today it has more than 1.110 million users and is translated into more than 100 languages. Visibility, brand image, diffusion, promotion, conversation, conversion, customer service, cost reduction and B2B (Business to Business)

like yerrf project on facebook 

Person YERRF on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/yerrf.erasmus.1

 La Giraudiere Yerrf Page on Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/YERRF.PROJECT/

 With a whopping 30 million users, We Heart It is especially nourished by young people, with 80% of its active users being under 25. Your biggest handicap? Except for its large female audience, there are few users outside its target who know it. In addition, to avoid cyber bullying and maintain the positive social network comments on the images are not allowed.


Visit YERRF on We Heart It - YERRF on weheartit



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