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Project YERRF - Young Entrepreneurs Rejuvenate Rural France

Provides all an entrepreneur needs to start their entrepreneurial path
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Volunteers Wanted for Entrepreneurship Project

Volunteers Wanted

Thinking of starting your own project or business ? - Do you have an idea, but not too sure where to start?

Then get yourself along to La Giraudiere and help a group of volunteers who are putting together the YERRF Project, a project which will help startups get their project off the ground.

How can you help? You could help us with translation of our documents, publicity and other media into French. You would help with making telephone calls, helping our group of international volunteers advance their proficiency of the French language spoken, written & reading.

What's in it for you? You would informally be learning from the workshops that we are putting in place, learn some essential business english, social media, marketing, website creation, and be making some new international contacts.
Your experience will be an Entrepreneurial culture exchange like no other before, and a free lunch is included in the bargain.

A La Giraudiere we have a group of international volunteers who are putting in place four workshops each of which will give young entrepreneurs all they need to know on the four main subjects of various start-ups.

Finance & Banking
Business Language

The project is being funded jointly by the Association “Les Amis De La Giraudière” and the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. The project is based in The department of The Charente 1 km from the village of Brossac.

The first stage of the project started in July this year and goes on until december 2017. You can read more about the project on its website which is in process of being built at http://erasmus.lagiraudiere.com/yerrf.html

Can you help us?
If you have a day or two spare and would like to help or would like further info then either telephone Paul or Sofi on or
Or email us on yerrf.project@gmail.com

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Come along and help, your volunteer experience will be an Entrepreneurial culture exchange like no other before and a free lunch is included in the bargain.
Entrepreneurship Workshop
Social or Commercial
"Which are you?"
Marketing Workshop
"Like it - follow it - add it,
Now learn to use It"
Websites designed to be found
Financial Workshop
"Accounting for your actions"
and how to figure it out yourself
Business Language Workshop
"Let's talk business"
Learning English to French to English
EVS & European Entrepreneurs
International Entrepreneurial Organisations
Governmental Bodies & Entrepreneurship
Registering your Enterprise or association
Social Media
Website Creation & Hosting
Blogging creation
Grant providers
Universities with Entrepreneurship courses
Language organisations & tools
Entrepreneurs Business language Schools
University and Language Partners
Entrepreneurs Project News
YERRF Entrepreneurs Project
Yerrf Projet in French
Yerrf french

Business Tools
Articles on Entrepreneurship

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Young Entrepreneurs Rejuvenate Rural France - a Entrepreneur Learning Project managed by the association  Les Amis De La Giraudière
and jointly funded by The European Commission and hosted by
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